What Is Evergreen Content and Why It’s Important for SEO

Evergreen SEO Content

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and useful for a long time, regardless of current trends or news. It’s called “evergreen” because it stays fresh and “green” like a tree that keeps its leaves year-round. For SEO, evergreen content is important because it will continue to attract traffic and backlinks to your website over time, which can improve your search engine rankings. Below are 4 tips to ensure your evergreen content can be more successful over time.

1. Keep examples timeless: Avoid references to any events, news, or trends that may quickly become dated after a while and won’t be really considered relevant to your evergreen content.

2. Only link to sources that will stand the test of time: Linking to relevant research can add even more credibility to your content. This ensures these sources are reputable and will always be available in years to come.

3. Write with readability in mind: Ensure your content has high readability when you write evergreen content. Readable content is easy to understand when the ideas are clear, and the audience can easily learn from your content.

4. Optimise content: Any form of content needs to be optimised to have search engine success. But evergreen content is generally very competitive so optimisation is even more important.

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