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How Can Small Local Service Businesses Use AI To Improve Their Digital Marketing?

AI Collaboration

Small local businesses can leverage AI to enhance their digital marketing efforts. While the focus on AI often centres around larger organisations, small businesses can also benefit from AI’s capabilities, particularly when focusing on content creation and customer engagement.

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, produces quick and relevant content. This can be useful for creating website, blog, and social content to help establish online authority. Detailed prompts are essential for accurate AI responses. However, a simple copy & paste effort is not an effective way to make use of this technology and editing for accuracy with a real human tone is crucial. This content should always aim to align with the brand’s tone and include personal touches. Read more...

Crafting a Local SEO Strategy to Outrank Local Competitors

Crafting a Local SEO Strategy to Outrank Local Competitors

Local SEO is an important digital marketing component for businesses wanting to increase local search visibility. Mobile device usage and a rising number of local search queries have made it even greater in importance. Understanding key components of a successful local SEO strategy, plus taking actionable tips to progress local visibility, are vital considerations.

Following the tips below may help businesses boost their visibility in local search results, attract local customers and boost overall sales on a local level. Read more...

Facebook Ads v Google Ads: Where Should You Spend Your Digital Marketing Advertising Budget In 2022?

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

As the war between the two tech juggernauts intensifies, the age old question continues to flood marketer’s inboxes: who deserves my business’ precious advertising dollars – Facebook or Google? 

Well that depends, each platform can deliver exceptional ROI – subject to the business’ target market, budget and marketing goals.  Read more...