Local Business Directories Versus Social Proof

Local Business Directories Versus Social Proof

So you’re looking to get your website listed on local business directories? A casual search of the Internet will reveal that directories, for all intents and purposes are dead. There’s a myriad of reasons for this, but the main reasons are:

  1. Google doesn’t particularly like user generated content to pass page rank
  2. Unless a directory has well established authority, pretty much nobody searches them
  3. There’s no point paying your way into a directory because of point #1

Times have changed. The Internet has evolved. Sure, some directories are still useful, because they’re super authoritative and people actually use them to find services. Those are the directories you want your business or service listed on and they can genuinely help your business to receive more calls. However, there’s no good reason to submit your URL to obscure, low-quality directories — even if they do advertise themselves as “SEO friendly”. Your time will be much better spent doing something that offers far better rewards.

But first, let’s look at “why” website owners and agencies like to get listed on directories.

Why Submit to Local Business Directories?

At the end of the day, when people submit their website to directories, they’re just trying to build authority. They want search engines such as Google to view their website as popular. However, it’s not really Google that we need to convince, per se – it is our potential clients. So we should send less time trying to trick Google into thinking our websites are popular and more time convincing potential clients that we’re offering a great service!

And here’s the secret..

Google KNOWS when people love your service. They have algorithms for everything. They know how many people visit a website, how many people check out and whether they return or not. So by concentrating on convincing “people” that your business is great, you will actually convince Google – and once Google is convinced, you will attract even more clients.

By contrast, too many follow links from the wrong websites can do more harm than good these days. If you submit your website to too many directories that pass page rank – especially if you’re paying for those links, that can result in some serious and very negative consequences for your rankings. If you’re spending all your time just trying to get your link everywhere and anywhere just for the sake of having more links, and you’re not spending that time trying to improve your image, it is time wasted.

What if there was a better way to gain that authority? What if there was a very simple way to convince heaps of people that your business is fantastic and they should purchase services or products from you? Well, there is..

Authority and Social Proof

One of the most common types of website that are submitted to directories are local business websites and services. Back in the day, submitting local websites to heaps of directories – even poor quality ones, actually did help with getting higher rankings. But those days are over.

These days, pretty much everyone goes straight to Google to find a local business. Many local businesses are also listed with Google reviews along side them. It is those businesses that have the greatest potential to win more clients. It is far more important to spend time attracting good reviews than it is to try to get listed ‘in as many directories as possible’.

Are You Running a Local Business?

BeOnTop offers SEO services that will help you to get your local business listed in the top of search engines for a number of high ranking keywords.

In order to get your business listed at the top of Google search results for local business searches, you’ll need a Google My Business account. The only question you should ask yourself at this point is: “How far am I going to let my competition get ahead, before I also start improving my website and search rankings on Google?”.

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