Google: Word Count For SEO & Google Rankings Is Not A Thing

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Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, once again emphasised that word count does not play a role in determining rankings on Google Search. He stated that there is no ideal word count for SEO success, urging content creators to focus on providing valuable content to their readers, regardless of the total length.

Google Word Count Text
Quote from Google documentation explaining that word count is not a ranking factor

Google’s John Mueller also chimed in, confirming that the top-ranking pages do not necessarily have the most words. This further supports the notion that word count is not a determining factor for search engine optimisation. He exclaimed that ‘the top ranking pages should have the most words? That’s definitely not the case.”‘.

While Google advises against including unnecessary words in articles, there is no evidence to suggest that shorter pieces will be ranked lower in the future. Ultimately, Google’s focus remains on delivering the most relevant and valuable content to users.

In essence, make sure to prioritise the quality and relevance of your content rather than focusing on word count for SEO purposes. Google’s repeated statements make it clear that word count does not hold any significance in determining rankings.

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