SEO Case Study: Mr Plumber

Mr Plumber Site


About Mr Plumber

Mr Plumber is a domestic plumber based in Melbourne with a website ( that launched in 2009. While work had previously been performed to promote and optimise their site it struggled to gain traction. Our team looked at how to best increase traffic and conversions to their site. The results seen below were conducted as part of a year long campaign that ran predominantly in 2020.


Strategy and Goals

The client’s goals regarding SEO were to increase the overall site traffic and lead generation from the website. Working alongside the client we developed goals that were realistic and able to be delivered within the specific timeframe. To achieve this a series of short term and long terms goals were identified to reach these targets.

Short Term Goals

  • Implement lead tracking to monitor website and SEO efficacy
  • Identify and generate content for quick win keywords
  • Create and optimise Google My Business listing

Long Term Goals

  • Improve location based on “near me” SERP rankings (local SEO)
  • Rank for metro wide category keywords

What Work We Did:

  • Improved website structure
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Improved internal linking structure
  • Created more relevant services pages


Final Results

The client’s SEO campaign was a resounding success. Increases were observed in traffic, engagement and conversion rate. has seen great results in a short period since our team started working on their site. The growth of the site will also continue to be seen in the long term and results will continue to improve over more time.

534% IncreaseTraffic to the client’s site increased by 534% (during Melbourne’s long COVID lockdowns in 2020).

61% Increase61% increase in conversion rate for calls and contact form completions.
32 Page Increase32 additional pages of content were created and optimised for location and service keywords over a short period.


Get Results For Your Business

BeOnTop is built from a team of digital marketing and SEO experts who value getting great results for each and every client we work with. We have meticulous planning methods set in stone in order to achieve only the best results possible. Anyone can request an audit of their site by our team of experts by following the link below.

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