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Utilising SEO for real estate businesses could help elevate your business online in comparison to your local competitors. When customers look at choosing a real estate business, the reputation and online presence is vital to gaining the trust that leads to a sale. The customer journey will likely begin online, so maximising online opportunities and touchpoints is crucial. Real estate SEO is the perfect opportunity to ‘win’ your local area online by appearing at the top of your local area search results.

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99% of millennials begin their real estate search online

Millennials control the future of the housing market and they predominantly search online for real estate. Having your real estate business appear ahead of local competitors in search results is vital for success. Utilising local SEO tactics can ensure your business gets the attention within your local area to make more sales to millennials and all other age groups.

Local SEO Tactic: Target Local Area Keywords

By targeting local area keywords, your real estate business can direct highly targeted traffic to your site. This organic traffic is specifically driven to house and agent pages which are relevant to the user’s location. These are the pages you want potential customers to see as they can turn directly into leads, enquiries, calls, and sales.

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SEO Strategies for Real Estate Companies

Local SEO

We aim to improve real estate businesses SEO within their local area by leveraging local SEO tactics to increase conversions of local customers.

On-Page SEO

We optimise on-site page elements to improve organic rankings. We follow the real estate industry’s best SEO practices when making on-page optimisation edits.

Content Writing

We utilise content writing strategies to assist with ranking your site higher for the most valuable keywords related to your real estate business in your area.

Link Building

We implement link building strategies in an effort to improve the authority of your site within search engines to increase organic rankings.

A Business We’ve Helped is an Australian women’s publication targeting professional Female readers aged 25+. The BeOnTop team improved the content heavy site by improving the organic traffic by 97% in the first year alone. See how we looked at the best ways to increase organic traffic through on-page optimisation tactics and other changes.

Get SEO Results for Your Real Estate Company

The BeOnTop team uses years of experience and a carefully curated planning process to ensure we get the best results for all our clients. We strive to achieve the SEO goals of all our clients by leveraging industry knowledge and our years of SEO experience. Click the button below to get a free local SEO audit and see how our team can improve your business online today with SEO.