How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results?

How Long Does SEO Take?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process relating to improving the quality and quantity of website traffic coming in from search engines like Google. This is done by optimizing a website directly by focusing on key indicators like page speed, creating high quality content, keyword selection and fixing vital backend issues, just to name a few. Off-page methods like link building (the process of acquiring inbound links) are used to help build up domain authority. However, this is a lengthy process that can take a long time to see actual results within search engine rankings. This is because search engine crawlers need time to see why more people should see your site ranked above others. 

SEO does not work overnight and is often a gruelling process to see actual results. There are different processes that can be taken in order to see results faster than others, but generally most actions take a very long time. For example, an important factor is the age and authority of a site which cannot be improved at a fast rate. Whereas fixing critical page errors such as broken 404 pages can be a quick fix in some instances. Many people want their SEO efforts to lead to an immediate increase in traffic, but this is rarely the case and patience is key.


How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

Everyone knows it can take a long time for SEO to work, but how long before SEO changes take effect for your website to rank is varied. Generally speaking the earliest time frame it takes for an SEO strategy to start seeing results is a minimum of 2 weeks. However these are usually minor effects and may not really be attributed to SEO site changes. To see actual big changes to any site, this will usually be seen within 6 months of beginning any SEO campaign. It can be frustrating spending a matter of weeks of effort to not see fast results, but this is just how the search optimization works.

It is important to know there are multiple factors that contribute to SEO on search engines. The importance of these is largely unknown but there is some speculation about quite a few factors that are more important than others in the ranking process. Some on-page factors include improving page load speed, creating high quality content for competitive keywords, and fixing coding issues within the site. Off-page factors like backlinks, age of site, social links and reviews are just some examples that contribute to the authority of a site but aren’t done on the website. You should focus on a long term strategy for your optimization efforts are for long term results and shouldn’t be focused on results in the short term. Affecting the authority of your site through the eyes of a search engine like Google takes time to build and is ultimately how your SEO success will be determined.

How long does it take for a website to show up on Google after making SEO changes is a question asked very often. It does depend on the relevant keywords you want to increase in rankings for. It is very important to have realistic expectations when starting any SEO campaign to know that it does take time to increase rankings and improve organic traffic.


Why Does SEO Take So Long?

But why does SEO take so long to start seeing improvements in search rankings? This is because search engines like Google need to be sure that the authority of a site is real. SEO takes time to build the domain authority needed to rank highly which is what Google looks for when promoting sites up the rankings for relevant keywords.

There is no SEO timeline for what methods are going to work the fastest to get good results. It takes a consistent effort to gradually build up the authority of a website to get the best possible search engine rankings. However, once you are at the top of ranking results, the effort cannot stop because the competition can climb back to the top. Outdated content can be dropped in the rankings if there is much fresher content that is of similar quality. Using SEO services to employ a greater content marketing strategy is important to help rank for more target keywords. This ensures your business won’t be left behind in search results, even if it may take a long time to start seeing high page rankings.


How Long Does It Take To Actually Rank In Google?

How long does it take for Google to update search results is a question that cannot really be answered accurately. This is because ranking on any search engine (including Google) will usually take a minimum period of time of 2 weeks to see small initial results in ranking changes. To see larger ranking results it will usually be seen within 6 months at the latest. To index a new website or a new page on Google it will usually take a few hours to a few days to first see your site or page appear. These figures are just rough estimates as there is no average time that can be benchmarked against to get high SERP rankings. It can be frustrating to not see an increase in the amount of organic traffic to your site in the short term, but remaining patient with the SEO process is important.


What Are The Best SEO Factors To Optimize Your Site?

SEO Factors

There are specific SEO initiatives that can help best with optimization strategies. With a carefully executed SEO strategy there are no quick fixes and guaranteed fast results, so it is important to stay focused on a plan. Because there is no guaranteed timeline for SEO to show results, it can be frustrating using various methods that take such a long time to affect a site’s rankings. The best methods of optimization include a combination of both on-page and off-page factors. Doing only on-page activities will not help your rankings, but in unison these ranking factors will help give you an increase in rankings.


Age & Authority Of Your Domain 

The age of a website (more specifically the domain) is one of the most important ranking factors when determining the SEO value a website can bring to a search engine. A new site built within the last week is never going to outrank a site that has been going strong for 10 years. This is mainly because domain authority is built up over time and the search algorithms need a lengthy time frame to determine which sites deserve a better search result ranking.


Acquiring Quality Backlinks

The number of high quality links pointing to your site form an important part of any solid SEO strategy. These links count as an authoritative ‘vote’ for your website to show that your page can be trusted by search engines. Where the link originates from is important for your backlink profile and links from just any spammy website will not provide as much authoritative power as a relevant link can from a site within the same industry or niche. Your link building efforts need to be consistently built over time for the inbound links to actually make a positive difference to your off-page SEO efforts.


Good Content Strategy

Creating awesome content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. The content needs to provide value to readers and must be good enough to give search engines a valid reason to give your site a high rank position. Writing fresh & long content is not always easy and brainstorming endless pieces of information about your topic can be difficult. But it is important to continue writing relevant and helpful content for both your reads and for search engines.

Other forms of content creation like video can also be useful to rank because it communicates a great message in an alternate way. However there should still be some form of written content on the page as it is still needed for crawlers to effectively analyze your site. For example, this pool inspector site has a great library of videos which helps customers prepare for an inspection. All of this content will eventually rank when combined with other SEO strategies if done well, but can be a daunting task at the beginning.


Keyword Optimization

Choosing the correct target keywords for writing content is important because you want to use search terms your potential customers actual search for. Different keywords can be super targeted like the word ‘Electrician’ (short-tailed keywords) or be very specific like ‘Skylight Installation Melbourne’ (long-tail keywords). There are different factors that go into choosing the right keywords for SEO, but anything with a high search volume, low competition and a topic related to your site is a good place to start.


On-Page Issues & Errors

Coding issues with your website can lead to consequences for the ranking potential because search engines don’t want to rank sites highly that have many errors and warnings. This includes various issues like slow loading page speeds, 404 error pages, missing alt text on images and broken redirects. You can use no-follow links and no-index pages on your site such as a thank you page to ensure pages won’t show up in search results and cannot be found. Of course there are many more errors that can contribute to issues associated with your site and fixing these alone will not guarantee ranking success.


Does SEO Actually Work?

Search Engine Optimization works when all the appropriate measures are taken to ensure a site is optimized for search engines. When starting to improve the SEO of any site, it is important to know if the site is starting from scratch or if there is already a site structure set up. This will affect certain factors like the age and authority of a domain which may already be established, thus potentially leading to better initial results. Of course, these results will take anywhere from a couple weeks to see small results, to a few months to see higher ranking results. It can be annoying seeing no fast changes to your site but over time you will see improvements in search rankings if you do all the right SEO changes.

The various on-page and off-page SEO factors that affect SEO do not act alone and it must be a combination of many factors that lead to better site performance. Because it is not an exact science and the best processes are not 100% known, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to ranking results. SEO that worked a few years ago may not work now, but it is important to use the best up to date processes in order to see the best results, because SEO really does work when done correctly.


Looking To Improve Your SEO Results?

‘How long do seo changes take’ is a question that is difficult to answer most of the time. It is often hard to see increase in rankings quickly as SEO results do take time. It is important to know that any optimization changes made cannot always be guaranteed because noone actually knows how search engine determine rankings. Results cannot be seen straight away which is often a frustrating point of the entire process, but something all website owners go through. At BeOnTop we understand the complexities that trying to bring traffic to your site can bring, so we make the process easier for you. Contact us today for more information about how an SEO campaign can help improve the online results of your site.

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