About BeOnTop

BeOnTop is a leader in helping businesses improve their local organic reach and traffic through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our team provides solutions to assist businesses with their online local presence by improving organic search rankings through local SEO tactics.

BeOnTop is part of the Trillion group of companies. Since 1997 Trillion companies have been making industry changing solutions in the SEO space. From search tools, search engine submission software, keyword research tools, SEO toolkit software, domain registration, domain monetization and online reputation management solutions.

BeOnTop is our new name where SEO services were previously offered under the AddMe brand. Making a clear distinction between AddMe Reviews, the SEO services found a new home at BeOnTop.

At BeOnTop, we focus on learning about your business first to give us a better understanding of your digital goals. This helps us tailor our services specifically for your business and gives us scope for the best ways to improve your online reach. Our team of experts can help with traditional SEO practices with a focus on local SEO. We will always strive to give all our clients the best chance for them to succeed in a competitive online environment.

Our SEO service packages can benefit your business by appearing higher in search rankings across search engines. Our team are experts at providing SEO and local SEO services to help your business be on top of rankings. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your business thrive online.